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Ada Lahir dan Batin pada diri manusia. Dengan Lahir kita berusaha dan dengan Batin kita berdoa. #MR
5 Jul
Hear noises, open window, meet extremely cute raccoon? Glad I tend to CACA (Carry a Camera Always) Cute Nice Raccoon! http://t.co/obojcLQbTf
Russia Cracks Down Online ~ Social Media Frontiers: http://t.co/OxdRsVwbHb #SocialMedia
Woohoo! I'm back on the grid after three days of being in the wilderness! Haha! Top pic = Argenta, BC… http://t.co/WYE44QWYiL
Are Your thoughts Limiting You - Grant Rant 191 http://t.co/h7nbScw6XS
You cannot tailor make your situation in life, but you can tailor make your attitudes to fit those situations. - Zig Ziglar
Don't: Apologize For Success Or Make Excuses For Failure http://t.co/blLdReedZI via @MeghanMBiro
26 Jul
Whenever government really messes up the economy, you can always count on it to inject itself even more - Peter Schiff
2 Jul
@NewsHour @vali_nasr @BestBunsBreadCo the freezing of one beverage or food and placing the cubes in another beverage, is somewhat genius :)
#GiveItAThought "By Determining the Intensity of Your Focus, You Determine the Quality of Your Results" More@ http://t.co/3VXTQSlLGp #PlsRT
28 Sep 13
Really inspiring. I suggest following Stephen on his journey. What a great character. https://t.co/IvtrAG1BsG
7 May
http://t.co/5bJBfSbWLg I would rather die of passion than of boredom. –Vincent van Gogh
29 Jul
#Leadership Fail: Building your organization around a few good leaders instead of creating a #culture of leadership.
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