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Twitter Finally Makes All Your Tweets Searchable http://t.co/P3YTM7qW8v via @marketingland | Nice!
21 Nov
Facebook Unveils Dedicated Groups App | Social Media Frontiers http://t.co/e8uawstKkt #facebook #facebookgroups
My self esteem improves when I take the time to invest in my self improvement. #JustDoes #10X
Always listen to all the facts before making an uninformed decision! http://t.co/iifxww48KE
21 Nov
Listen to all of the free music on my website. Download all you want. I'll make more. :-)
Illegitimis non carborundum."Lat., "Don't let the bastards grind you down. -Gen. Joseph Stilwell
6 Crucial Steps to Stay Relevant with Your Digital Marketing in 2015 http://t.co/Jtg1Lx2L6R via @jeffbullas
22 Nov
#NorthCarolinaSymphon y (featuring Terri's oboe teacher Melanie Wilsden) was fantastic tonight!
#GiveItAThought -“The World Always Looks Brighter from Behind a Smile; Create Your Own Sunshine” More@ http://t.co/AWHf6HS61b #PlsRT
Hanging out in a group video chat room, come say hey. http://t.co/DMmsb9ABUJ #tinychat
21 Nov
The Five Strategic Rules of Leadership Clarity http://t.co/QsU5EpF9NH
28 Sep 13
Really inspiring. I suggest following Stephen on his journey. What a great character. https://t.co/IvtrAG1BsG
7 May
http://t.co/5bJBfSbWLg I would rather die of passion than of boredom. –Vincent van Gogh
13 Nov
New blog post: What Are Vector Graphics? - What Are Vector Graphics? http://t.co/8uzxC2PisJ Get free vector graph... http://t.co/DVd0b2JmXJ
How To Tell If Your Agent Is Writing A Bad Real Estate Contract http://t.co/rCoYfGRtMH
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